Women’s Initiative

Empowering women to become CFP® professionals

The Dalton Education Women’s Initiative is our way of encouraging women to explore the benefits of working as a CFP® professional. It also serves to broaden the overall knowledge of the financial industry within the female professional segment. To facilitate these goals, Dalton Education will encourage women to earn their CFP® certificate through online education and review programs that link our students with our prestigious university partner.

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Earning Potential

Financial planners have limitless earning
potential. At large or small firms or as
independents, planners with the CFP® mark
are more productive than advisors with
other credentials and earn more on average
than their non-credentialed peers in the
work force.

Job Satisfaction

Financial planners have made a career out of
helping others. Many planners began their
career after seeing others struggle with finances
and wanted to help. According to a CFP Board
study, nearly 75% of CFP® professionals are very
satisfied or satisfied with their careers and firms,
while only 64-65% of their non-credentialed peers
reported the same.

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Work/Life Balance

Independent financial advisors can create
their own work/life balance by running
their own business. These independent
advisors can create the perfect life for
their family, hobbies, or other interests by
designing their own schedules.



Here at Dalton, we are dedicated to empowering women in the financial services industry. Professionals with a CFP® certification earn higher wages and are viewed as experts in their field. We want to see more women in these highly sought-after positions and reduce the gender gap in the financial services industry.



Dalton Education also offers financial assistance to qualified candidates. 

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The CFP Board has seen impressive growth in the number of CFP® professionals in recent years. However, the percentage of women has remained flat at 23% for at least a decade. As this field ages and continues to draw-in a younger generation of professionals, it is imperative to spread knowledge about the benefits of this field. This is why Dalton stands in solidarity with the CFP Board in our efforts to start a Women’s Initiative to entice and draw women to this growing profession.

Please contact one of our friendly Account Managers who will be happy to help you learn more about how earning your CFP® certification is just a jumping off point for women in the financial field.

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While working in another field (book publishing), I spent years reading and studying everything related to personal finance and watching and listening to personal finance experts. For many years, it never occurred to me how I could work in the financial services field or how I could fit in- until I discovered the CFP designation. ‎ I began the CFP course work through the Dalton Education online program. After I completed the program, I finally made the career switch into financial services and began studying for the CFP exam in which I also used the Dalton study program to prepare. I sat for the CFP exam in November 2015 and passed successfully. ‎Coming from another industry, I believe the CFP mark will give me the credentials I need. – Alicia Rose Hudnett